Smart Meters


Meters being offered are multi rate tariff, pre-paid and post-paid electricity meters to direct measurement of active or active and reactive electricity in ac grids. Metering equipment is furnished with communication modules and they have fully automated credit mode and built up prepayment functions.

Electronic Meters

Static electricity meters are multi rate tariff and post-paid metering equipment for direct measurement of active and active and reactive electricity in ac grids. They have wide application for settlements with electricity distribution companies and in industry.

Prepayment Meters

Modern electronic electricity meters enable to purchase some volume of electricity in prepayment system by use of loading codes. Meters are also in accordance with open, global STS standard and they have certificates of compliance with Standard Transfer Specification.

Induction Meters

Induction meters measuring electrical energy in power networksThey measure electrical energy in one or two tariff-rates. Meters with pulse output device enable conversion of measured energy into proportional number of electrical impulses, which can be received by energy and power register or other equipment for data processing.